Science Explosion

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“Science Explosion” was made up of David Bydlowski, Charles Kline, and Fred Ribits, at one time all science teachers at Stevenson Middle School in Westland, Michigan. The group performed teacher motivational programs, hands-on teacher workshops, and “street science.” They also performed at family science nights and at science fairs. The mission of the Science Explosion was to perform music, magic, and comedy while helping others learn effective techniques for learning and teaching science.  

They wrote the books: “Say it with Science,” “Reviewing for the MEAP with the Science Explosion,” and “The Music and Magic of Science.” They recorded: “The Best of Science Explosion,” “Sing the Science Standards with the Science Explosion,” and “Sing the Science Standards with the Science Explosion, Volume 2.” They produced a “Bagful of Science Magic” and “Bagful of Balloon Science.” Performances included:

  • National Science Teachers Conferences in Boston, San Diego, Dallas, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Kansas City, Las Vegas and New Orleans
  • National Science Teachers Regional Conferences in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Louisville, and Columbus
  • National Middle Level Science Educators Conference, St. Louis
  • State Science Conferences in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin
  • Metropolitan Detroit Science Teachers Association Conference
  • Michigan Education Association Instructional and Professional Development Conference
  • Michigan Middle School Conference
  • Michigan Reading Conference
  • ASSET Leadership Conference
  • General Motors International Environmental Engineer Annual Meeting
  • Teacher Workshops in thirteen states plus Canada