Science Start-Ups

A science “Start-Up” is a great way to begin a science class and engage all students. “Start-Ups” are engaging anticipatory set questions that pique student interest. “Start-Ups” provide a great opportunity for prime time learning — either reviewing previous learning or introducing new learning. “Start-Ups” include a graphic, a multiple choice question, open-ended questions and a vocabulary word. They are questions that can be answered by students and then discussed. Here is an example:

The “Start-Up” can be placed in student notebooks/logs/journals and can eventually be transferred to the student portfolio. The “Start-Ups” provide a wonderful way to review throughout the school year. “Start-Ups should also spiral through the grade levels. It is a great idea if teachers can share their “Start-Ups” with other teachers so that they can provide a spiral review from the previous grade to the next grade. Science Start-Ups were the idea of Science Explosion’s – Fred Ribits.

Take a look below and see some examples of “Start-Ups.” Start making your own. Share them with others.