Augmented Reality and the WWF Free Rivers App

I was recently reading the May/June 2022 issue of “Science and Children” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association. In this issue, I read the “Tech Talk” column, written by Heather Pacheco-Guffrey.  She wrote an article entitled, “Using Augmented Reality to Augment Inquiry (and Fun!) in Your Lessons.”

Technology has the potential to extend students’ reach into the world around them, increase their access to concepts and resources, and help to make learning fun and memorable.  Augmented reality (AR) is just such a technology.  AR works by overlaying 3D digital image files onto the real-world background visible through your mobile device’s camera app.  Once the AR image has been “placed” in your space, use the device to view the digital image at all angles.  The WWF Free Rivers app uses AR technology to turn your classroom into an interactive virtual river valley.  The dynamic nature of the AR river valley makes it an exciting choice for inquiry learning.

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