Outstanding Science Trade Books for Middle School Students – Part 1

I was recently reading the January/February 2024 issue of “Science Scope,” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association, for middle school science teachers. In this issue, I read the section on the “Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students.  The selections are a collaboration of the National Science Teaching Association and the Children’s Book Council.

In this first of two podcasts, I share six of the twelve books that were selected for middle school students.  The books are:

“My Indigo World” by Rosa Chang

“Before Colors: Where Do Pigments and Dyes Come From” by Annette Bay Pimental

“Grizzly Bears: Guardians of the Wilderness” by Frances Backhouse

“Mission Arctic: A Scientific Adventure to a Changing North Pole” by Katharina Weiss-Tuider

“We Need to Talk About Vaginas” by Dr. Allison K. Rodgers

“Evolution” by Sarah Darwin and Eva-Maria Sadowski

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