Welcome to Science!

K12Science is hosted by David Bydlowski, science educator in Michigan. You can contact David through email or on Twitter @k12science.

  • Science educator for over 40 years
  • Taught science at the middle school, high school and university level
  • County science consultant
  • Member of Science Explosion
  • Co-Investigator on NASA’s AREN Project
  • Awarded the Michigan Science Teachers Association’s “George G. Mallinson Lifetime Achievement Award”
  • The purpose of K12Science is to share ideas about science teaching in grades K-12 and above.

    K12Science provides current information on science education through the K12Science podcast, in a 2-6 minute format. Follow or subscribe through Apple Podcasts, Libsyn, Spotify, Amazon Music, Spotify, or through your favorite downcasting service.

    K12Science provides science songs for grades K-12 and beyond from the musical/magical group, Science Explosion.

    Special thanks go out to the Board of Directors for the Michigan Science Teachers Association for their complimentary article in their monthly newsletter for August 18, 2021. The article is a thank you for the work that I was involved in, along with many others, in NSTA’s Science Matters Network.