Megamovie 2024

I was recently reading the July/August 2023 issue of “Science Scope” a publication of the National Science Teaching Association.  In this issue, I read the “Citizen Science” column, written by Jill Nugent.  She wrote an article entitled, “Megamovie 2024: A Project to Eclipse All Others.”

The primary goal of the Eclipse Megamovie Project 2017 was to produce a high definition, time-expanded, video of the total solar eclipse that crossed North America from the northwest to the southeast on August 21, 2017.  With new knowledge in-hand they are ready to initiate Eclipse Megamovie 2024.  The goals are to characterize transient plasma features in the solar corona while improving the quality of the Eclipse Megamovie aesthetically.  For more information, please visit:

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